mercredi 27 juin 2012

London videoshooting with Ty

So much happened since last post.

First, I lost my job.

Some people do not know how to react to this news. Of course, this does not sound like a very happy news but it is not a bad news either. Let's just say that it is happening at the right moment...I got now plenty time to work on the release of my EP.
Straight, after my last day at work, I was packing to go back to London to shoot a video with Ty.

It has not been simple to organize but with the help of Ty, we found a director to shoot the video. Josué Aton, here on the picture.

I was in London for 4 days, sleeping in a hostel room with 10 other girls...quite an adventure, kind of like camping but inside a building.
Here a few shots:

Day 1 Lunch break at Byron, Hoxton Square

Day 2 Lunch break at The Breakfast Club, Koxton Square

Somewhere in Shoreditch

just before shooting

how serious

Ty and I

The team. 
From left to right: Hassan, Ty, me and Josué Aton

We all had a cool time shooting and we manage to be able to shoot in great spots.
I would like to thanks Ty, Josué for his patience and hardwork, hassan, and The Shoreditch Grind Coffee Shop in Old Street for letting us shoot in their great place.
What a cool experience, hope you will enjoy the song and the video when it comes out!
Stay tuned

Also big up to Carminelitta,
Adam and Desta Haile part of the great Laidback international family whom I spent a great sunday with!
and Vadim, Paz and DJ Sweetie!

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